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Handmade in Germany


Die Manufaktur

"The only way animal welfare and sustainability can go hand in hand with a world class sleeping experience is by owning the process !

This is why we craft every single down sleeping bag by hand in our own factory in Germany, using only upcycled and traceable European down – as we have done for 40 years!"

- Erik. J. Møller, CEO at Nordisk

Handmade in Germany

"We insist on making the best possible
sleeping bags with the smallest
possible footprint."

- Erik j. Møller

Genuine craftsmanship

Since 1983, we have been crafting our down filled sleeping bags in Germany, by hand. A rare and proud tradition that would have been easy to abandon by finding cheaper labour and rent elsewhere on the planet. Instead, we chose to do the opposite, since high quality matters to us.

Die Manufaktur

In 2020, we invested in a new state-of-the-art facility in Görlitz to carry on this tradition with pride and dedication. By staying close to our customers in Europe, we offer unique services, extraordinary quality and a guarantee that your product is made to last forever.

With skilled craftsmanship and modern service facilities placed locally in Europe, we can ensure a fast, reliable and easy service on all products, so you can enjoy nature with a clean conscience

Nordisk Care & Repair

True sustainability begins with products that last

In the unlucky case of a damage to your product, Nordisk Care & Repair offers an exceptional in-house repair service. The dedicated staff in our German Manufaktur in Görlitz has more than 50 years of experience with premium outdoor equipment and is happy to help repairing your beloved product.

So your down sleeping bag will last for a lifetime. Or more.


Any Size. Any shape. For any temperature.

Having trouble finding a sleeping bag that fits you perfectly? Or one that meets your demand for insulation? Because we make ours by hand, we can tailor a down sleeping bag by your exact wishes. Contact us if you are interested in a Nordisk Taylormade® sleeping bag.