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Madam Blå plate

A true Icon - reborn by Nordisk

Cream - 10421006-101

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A true Icon - reborn by Nordisk

Madam Blå. A true Icon - reborn by Nordisk.
These retro plates are not only stylish and sturdy, they also tell a striking story of a design classic, that has been the very face of Danish households throughout the 20th century.
In 1895, Danish ironmongers started their production of enamelled kitchen equipment and quickly got famous for their Madam Blå coffee pot, originally made in 18 different sizes from 1-50 cups of coffee. Madam Blå turned into an iconic line of kitchenware, including cups, bowls, plates and every other imaginable shape.
So why not go all the way when designing your glamping experience? Enjoy a true Hygge® moment with a plateful of memories.

The Madam Blå plates are extremely durable, resistant to rust, non toxic and easy to clean.
Bon appetit.


* A plate for everything - serving to share or individual
* Enamel coated lightweight steel
* Classic and durable design in a modern edition



  • Diameter : 24 cm


  • Total weight : 270 g


  • Material : Enamel coated steel