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Outdoorer by Obsession

You don’t mind the pain.

Your goals are extreme and your path is layed with blood, sweat and hunger. You trust your performance and need to trust your gear too, whether on expedition or racing, in the desert or on ice. Some call it mad. We call it focused. 

Your Addiction. Our Passion.

Sleeping bags

Active wear


Sometimes, you need to focus completely on getting there as fast and strong as you can. That calls for ultralight, flexible and reliable protection that will never slow you down.

Don't worry. We've got you covered.

What’s your passion

We know that all kinds of people make great use of our products every day. People for whom the feeling of exceptional quality serves very different purposes. What is important to you? Coziness? Functionality? Lightweight? Which outdoor universe do you belong to?

Spirit - Outdoorer by Choice

Ambition - Outdoorer by Instinct