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Nordisk Adventure Challange


Nordisk Adventure Challange Silkeborg

Silkeborg is surrounded by Denmark's greatest adventure race nature and creates the best setting for the Nordisk Adventure Challange Silkeborg (also called NACS). Participants in the race will experience that we are located in the middle of the Lake Highlands by challenges in water, on land and in the air. All in all a race stuffed with everything good from the world of adventure racing.

The race is again this year part of the Outdoor Festival in Silkeborg and the city is therefore buzzing with happy outdoor people and events. Participants will start and finish around the city centre, where there will be celebrations and crowds of people watching, but both the Challenge and the Fighter will also be taking longer distances into the woods around the city.


An adventure race you'll never forget

If you're a real fighter, the Nordic Adventure Challenge will give you the opportunity for a unique experience where you can try your skills in fun disciplines such as rappelling, climbing, water activities, mountain biking and orienteering.


The Challenge distance is for experienced adventure racers who don't consider a half marathon a challenge.


Last but not least, the MASTER distance is for the professionals

Teams will have to navigate remote coastlines, endless moorlands, easyflowing rivers, large fiords, green forests. We will use the nature itself to make a harsh race testing you and your teams skills to the max!
The distance of the race will be close to 575 km on a true point to point course, which makes this race special.
Sleep, hunger and temperature fluctuations combined with the many miles will challenge teams. The fastest teams can manage without sleep, but everyone gets a minimum of three nights on the route.


This year's MASTER distance was held as the European Championship in adventure racing.

NACS 2021