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True sustainability
begins with products that last

Damaged your Nordisk product?

Don't worry - we can fix it!

Get your product ready for new adventures.
Do it yourself in 3 simple steps:





Fill in inquiry form




You will find the inquiry form here.
Print out the form and fill in your contact info
and product details.







Send parcel




Send your product and the inquiry form to us:
Nordisk - Die Manufaktur
Rauschwalder Str. 42/43
02826 Görlitz






Accept and pay




After reviewing your product, you will receive a confirmation mail with conditions and price.
(price list)

Use confirmation number as payment reference.



Or let us do it for you:




Visit your store



Bring your product to the store where you bought it, and they will take
care of it for you.




Pick up in store



The store will contact you when the product is fixed.
You pay at the store when picking up.


Nordisk Care & Repair

Nordisk Repair Service 

In the unlucky case of a damage to your product, Nordisk Care & Repair offers an exceptional in-house repair service. The dedicated staff in our German Manufaktur in Görlitz has more than 50 years of experience with premium outdoor equipment and is happy to help repairing your beloved product.


Nordisk Wash Service for down products

As a one of its kind Nordisk offers a unique wash and dry service for all of our down products. Repeated use of equipment in different outdoor elements can easily make it soiled. Down and all technical fabrics are delicate and require special care to maintain its natural quality.


Our service options include:

  • Washing and drying service
  • Refilling of down & exchanging of down chambers
  • Repairing of damages like cuts and holes on textile
    products like garments, sleeping bags or tents
  • Exchanging of other parts, like zippers



Make it last

Taking good care of your outdoor equipment can extend the lifespan of your product. 

Basic recommendations to maintaining your down product: 

  • Do not wash down products too often.
  • Make sure to regularly air the product.
  • When you need to wash it, wash it correctly according to the care instructions.
  • Avoid storing down garments and sleeping bags compressed – use a hanger for your jacket and store sleeping bags uncompressed in a storage bag.

For further recommendations and care advice please refer to the FAQ.