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Footprint and groundsheet covers for every Nordisk tent!

The right footprint will protect your tent from rough terrains, wear and tear, and extend its life! An invaluable, lightweight and importantly waterproof addition to your tent gear. Find the right footprint for your tent model on this page.

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In the footprint category, you can find footprints and groundsheets – large pieces of waterproof, sturdy material that go underneath your tent to create a barrier between the tent and the harsh terrain below.

The three main benefits of buying a footprint

  • It extends the life of your tent by protecting it from sharp stones and abrasive terrain.
  • It’s an affordable and lightweight material that won’t weigh you down on treks.
  • Buying a footprint can improve the waterproof quality of the tent, keeping dampness from the earth out.

Why Buy a Footprint from Nordisk?

All the footprints for tents at Nordisk are crafted to be exactly the right size and shape for our tents. Even the most obscure tent base shapes will have a footprint!

To make sure you get the right footprint for your tent, find out what tent model you have first.

Scroll back up this page now to find the footprint that matches your tent model!