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Backpacking tents are essential for hikers

Our range of backpacking tents are perfectly designed to offer you reliable shelter and be the right size and weight to be carried comfortably in your backpack. Whether you need a 1 man or 3 man tent, we have hiking tents in all sizes. Let your adventure begin.

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This category contains all our trekking tents - polyester, nylon and lightweight tents, that are suitable for hikers who carry their gear on their backs. Along with our lightweight sleeping bags and outdoor gear, these backpacking tents are essentials that every trekker should have with them.

Hiking tent are purposely designed for hiker

The material weight, size when packed away, and capacity when pitched is all tailored for the needs of backpackers. If you are planning an outdoor adventure and need to take your tent with you on your back, this type of tent is the most suitable.

Practical advice and tips on backpacking tents

The general rule for backpacking tents is that they should weigh roughly 2.5 pounds per person. So, if you are carrying a 2 man tent it could weigh around 5 pounds.

If you’re sharing a tent, it’s often a good idea to split all your belongings by weight so the person carrying the tent isn’t weighed down too much.

To keep the weight as low as possible, choose trekking tents that use minimal material and very few tent poles. 

When packing away your hiking tent, place it in the bottom of your backpack so you can reach the lighter essentials on the go without unpacking everything.

Why buy hiking tents from Nordisk?

Our selection of tents is hand-selected for backpackers. Our 100 years of experience has taught us that only the highest quality tents will suffice. Each hiking tent is suitable for carrying on long hikes over difficult terrains, without weighing you down. Only the lightest fabrics are used and the tent designs are crafted to use minimal tent poles.

With Nordisk, you have free delivery on orders over £50 and the option to exchange your tent if you decide it’s not the right one for you. Scroll back up now to browse the full range of backpacking tents from Nordisk.