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Torden Chimney Exit

Torden Chimney Exit

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Torden Chimney Exit

Make the most of your outdoor wood burner by letting the chimney through your tent or tarp.
The Torden Chimney Exit from Nordisk is a versatile DYI unit, which you can easily cut & click into fabrics or soft surfaces by use of the built-in magnetic system. Alternatively, the magnetic system can be removed and you can sew on the piece for a more permanent experience. Either solution has an integrated flap, that will cover the hole, whenever you wish to use your tent or tarp without the wood burner.
The stove jack is made from the same technical cotton as the Nordisk cotton tents and tarps, so you will get a safe and discreet solution to outdoor stove integration


  • Closes the hole, when Torden is not in use
  • Safe to use in all Nordisk cotton tents
  • Can be applied with magnets or stitched on

The story behind the name

Torden- in Norse mythology Thunder or “torden” is said to be caused by the god of thunder, Thor. As he rides his carriage strapped to the goats “Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr”, he swings his infamous hammer and provokes a thunder strike. “Torden” is derived from the Danish “Thor’s døn” meaning Thor’s bang, appropriate to the sound of thunder generally followed by lightning and fire.



  • Length : 35 cm
  • Width : 30 cm
  • Pieces in set : 1


  • Total weight : 400 g


  • Material : Technical cotton
  • Material : Fibreglass


Available accessories:

Torden wood burner set
Torden chimney pipe set