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Torden Chimney Exit

The ultimate winter upgrade for your tent

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The ultimate winter upgrade for your tent

Get ready for warm winter camping with our Torden Chimney Exit. This practical item lets you bring your outdoor wood burner into your tent or under your tarp, without worries about smoke inside or heat damage to your tent.

Crafted with durable, fireproof inner materials, this chimney exit ensures both safety and functionality and the discreet sand-colored cover provides a harmonious and elegant look to your camp, as it is made from the exact same technical cotton as we use for tents and tarps.

Installation is a breeze.
Use the enclosed template to mark and cut an opening in your tent, sew the unit in place, and you're good to go. Your chimney effortlessly slides through the opening whenever you need a heating unit inside, and the integrated flap covers the opening when the extra warmth is unnecessary, keeping your precious tent equally fit for all seasons.

Versatility is key – while it perfectly complements the Nordisk Torden Wood Burner, the Torden Chimney Exit also works seamlessly with other wood burner models. Stay warm and stylish on your outdoor adventures – the Nordisk way!


  • Closes the hole, when Torden is not in use
  • Safe to use in all Nordisk cotton tents

The story behind the name

Torden- in Norse mythology Thunder or “torden” is said to be caused by the god of thunder, Thor. As he rides his carriage strapped to the goats “Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr”, he swings his infamous hammer and provokes a thunder strike. “Torden” is derived from the Danish “Thor’s døn” meaning Thor’s bang, appropriate to the sound of thunder generally followed by lightning and fire.



  • Length : 35 cm
  • Width : 30 cm
  • Pieces in set : 1


  • Total weight : 400 g


  • Material : Technical cotton
  • Material : Fibreglass


Available accessories:

Torden wood burner set
Torden chimney pipe set