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Article: “Die Manufaktur” in Germany

“Die Manufaktur” in Germany

“Die Manufaktur” in Germany

By opening “Die Manufaktur” in Germany, Nordisk Outdoor makes a strong statement on their commitment to sustainability, community craftmanship.


Made in Germany

Production facilities in Europe, where local specialists perform their craft to develop top quality products is a rare sight these days. For decades, outsourcing seems to have been the only option for companies competing on a global market. But Danish outdoor brand Nordisk not only continue to produce in Germany, they are investing in new, state of the art facilities to drive the development of their legacy as The Down Specialist.

This week, Nordisk opens the doors to “Die Manufaktur” in Görlitz in Saxony, where the story of down sleeping bags began some 40 years ago.

The first down sleeping bag

The story begins in 1983 – in a kitchen in Saxony. As with many other major innovations, a simple problem triggered the development. A mountaineer planned a winter expedition to Tajikistan but could not find a sleeping bag that would keep him warm enough to sleep outside.

Worried for his health, his wife had the idea to take the down from their pillows and duvets and stuff into a homemade sleeping bag for his trip. Off he went and returned happy and healthy despite some rough temperatures on his expedition. So not only was his trip saved, it was also the beginning of an exceptional brand, founded on craftmanship, innovation and the use the finest insulating material there is: down.

Through the years, Yeti continued to develop top quality down products. Even after teaming up with Danish outdoor brand Nordisk in 2005, and a huge flood completely destroyed the production and headquarter in 2010, they kept the production in Görlitz, where it has been ever since. You will even encounter staff, who have been sewing down sleeping bags by hand since the very beginning.

The new home of The Down Specialist

“Die Manufaktur” is a completely renovated building with modern facilities, which will not only be home to production, but also to development and repairs of all Nordisk products, including sleeping bags, tents, jackets, bags and accessories in the Nordisk Care & Repair center.

You will also find a Brand Store, where you can learn about down and the history of how Yeti became “Y by Nordisk”, staying true to the legacy of local and sustainable production, but also keeping the iconic red Y central in the appearance of the down products from Nordisk.

True sustainability begins with products that last

“We still produce by hand in Germany to make sure the quality is the absolute best”, says Cornelia Buhse, General Manager of the day-to-day business in Görlitz.

CEO of Nordisk, Erik J. Møller, supplements her by stating that keeping the production in Europe and the quality high is also a way of living the brand’s unique understanding of sustainability:

“To us, it is important that great products last a lifetime. That’s why “Die Manufaktur” is not just a glossy factory and a brand store, but also our Care & Repair Center, where we can breathe new life into old products, keeping our customer happy and nature free of waste. When we are out there, Nature gives us so many experiences and so much quality of life. The least we can do is to take care of it. This is also why we developed a strict ethical down code decades ago; a set of regulations that secure animal welfare, down quality and transparency. The down in every jacket or sleeping bag wearing the red Y can be traced. We only purchase down as the excess of free-range meat production and our own internal standard still surpasses any international certificate on down quality and animal welfare.”

The Nordisk Way of Sleeping

To Nordisk, outdoor life is not just about the products, it is an attitude to life. It is about creating magic moments and memories. And with a Danish heritage, Hygge plays a central role in that. ”How and where we sleep,” says Erik J. Møller “should not only serve the purpose of keeping you warm and safe. We want to create experiences, unforgettable moments regardless of where you set up camp. And we want to make sure that your temporary outdoor home is worth sharing with the people you care about and that it will stay with you forever.”

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