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Maximilian & Sebastian Lehrke

What is your passion?

& Adventure Photography

Hiking, Exploring, Camping and Vanlife

Maximilian & Sebastian Lehrke

Maximilian and Sebastian Lehrke, born twins in Cologne, are 32 years old. They have shared a passion for nature and photography since 2016.

Max discovered his passion during several city trips in Europe. Sebastian had to travel a little further afield. He bought his first camera during his Master's degree in Southeast Asia, and it turned into a hobby. Driven by our mutual ambition to throw ourselves into newly developed passions with full dedication, a hobby quickly turned into something more. We now both work as freelance photographers and videographers with a focus on outdoor & outdoor sports, adventure, camping and travel.

We have always followed our creativity and inspiration together through nature and embarked on countless journeys and adventures. Our never-ending curiosity drives us again and again to places that are hardly ever talked about, taking long tours and arduous journeys into the

Gary Snyder

“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.”

Exploring & wild camping

Favorite countries visited so far:

Our shared favorite is Iceland. This is a true adventurer's and outdoor person's dream. Every time you visit, no matter the time of year, you explore something new and completely unknown. You simply need to make a turn where you haven’t before, and you will stand in completely unbelievable, awe-inspiring scenery.

Max's personal favorite is Peru – Probably his first real test of the heights of our world, reaching elevations higher than 5,000 meters to witness stunning scenery: glaciers larger than he'd ever seen, rainbow mountains more colorful than he had ever dreamed of, and a variety of landscapes from stunning coastal regions to deserts, mountains, and the jungle.

Sebastian's personal favorite is Norway. Whether with his old van “Frieda” in summer or with solid snowshoes and crampons in winter, the North of Norway draws Sebastian's exploratory mind to the stunning region north of the Arctic Circle year after year. With endless hikes, stunning arctic beaches, sea cliffs as steep as the Alps, and protected, calm fishing villages nestled in the fjords, Sebastian feels like his mind stops thinking about the world. He simply gets lost in the vastness of nature. Days not only get longer due to the midnight sun, but time also seems to run slower for him up there.

Our favorite gear


Since the weather can get quite tough in Iceland, having a stable, steady, and especially durable tent is crucial for us. That's why we have chosen the Seiland tent, known for its durability and designed for all four seasons


Generally speaking, when carrying so much weight in our backpacks due to the heavy camera equipment, it's almost mandatory to pack as lightweight as possible. That's why we love to take the Lofoten tents with us.