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Nordisk x YANWAI

Nordisk x YANWAI

Nordisk has been collaborating with probably one of the most famous outdoor theme restaurant in China. YANWAI turned out to be a true love story for nature, local food and Danish design.

  • Jump out of the limitation of a traditional camping scene
  • Connect with the vivid world outside
  • Put yourself in nature
  • Embrace the local culture and traditions


YANWAI is an outdoor lifestyle-inspired modern eatery based in Shanghai, China. After a few successful years of running an outdoor restaurant in the heart of Shanghai, they felt that is it the time to go outside and escape from a big city. They turned the restaurant into a movable feast to create delicious food and great experiences with a huge focus on local ingredients and the culture of different places.

Yanwai wanted to share their passion for the beautiful landscapes, mountains, wilderness, lakes, and sea with more people, and therefore curated and implemented exhibitions in the nature surroundings.

With YANWAI, Nordisk shares the same vision and passion for the outdoors. This served as a solid foundation for our collaboration and a connector between Scandinavian style and Chinese local culture – a specially crafted menu with local ingredients, an outdoor exhibition with Danish design pieces among the sun-drying crops, and many moments in nature. A simply perfect mix!

Yanwai POP-UP restaurant


Yanwai Outdoor kitchen


Yanwai Escape project



The last fairyland
The Songyang country in Zhejiang Province was honored by National Geographic as the last fairyland in Jiangnan. This is one of the most beautiful and iconic sceneries where guests can enjoy some hygge time on a terrace, looking over the mountains at an altitude of 800 meters. The restaurant is located in the historic Stray Birds hotel in Chenjiapu Village, which was a post station during the Ming dynasty. The ancient village with its distinctive architectural style owns spectacular natural scenery: layers of peaks and seas of clouds.


Drying under the autumn sun
In autumn, many fresh vegetables, melons, sweet potatoes, and fruits need to be dried under the sun and stored for the upcoming winter. ShaiQiu or dry under the autumn sun attracts many travelers to see this ancient tradition which creates such a magnificent full of autumn colors scene: the yards, the space in front of the houses, and the roofs of the farms are covered with all kinds of fruits, vegetables and crops and farmers full of joy on the successful harvest. What a colorful pallet!