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Outdoorer by Instinct

Breathe in.Breathe out.

Feel the elements around you and let your senses create your memories. Your instinct drives you to dream and to explore. Hiking, bikepacking or paddling in search of breathtaking moments and a sense of belonging outside.

Your Ambition. Our Passion.

Sleeping bags

Tarps & bivy


Conquer the outdoors!

Release your inner bush crafter and let your true adventure begin. Whether it's deep in the forest or right on the edge of the coastline, there are always new things to see and new places to discover. We have simply perfected these products to become your best buddies in any situation - especially when nature shows its true self.

No nonsense. No compromise.This is the closest you get to nature.

What’s your passion

We know that all kinds of people make great use of our products every day. People for whom the feeling of exceptional quality serves very different purposes. What is important to you? Coziness? Functionality? Lightweight? Which outdoor universe do you belong to?

Spirit - Outdoorer by Choice

Addiction - Outdoorer by Obsession