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Tarps for Tenting Versatility

Tarps are lightweight, strong sheets of materials used in a variety of ways by those that use tents. Use tarps to extend the porch of your tent or set up a makeshift shelter for the afternoon with a large tarp material. Browse our tarps and buy one from Nordisk today.

It’s always a good idea to keep a tarp with your tent and equipment. They are versatile and can turn a miserable rainy hike into a great adventure in the forest. From adding extra covers to your tent to keep out the elements to creating shelters under the trees when the weather turns on a walk.

The Three Main Benefits of Buying Tarps

  • They can connect to other tarps and tents for seamless coverage and no drips.
  • They are lightweight and waterproof like your tent, so they can easily roll up for your backpack.
  • They are so versatile! Use them on the ground to protect from the dampness or hoist them up high to create shelter during the day.

Tarps can be folded and held up in a variety of ways. The benefits of the tarp depend on how you’ll use it!

Buying Guide for Tarps

Not sure what tarp is right for you? Consider:

  • What size is the tarp? Think about how it will be used – hanging it up will fold it in half.
  • What will you use the tarp for? Does it need to be heavy and strong for durability on rough terrains or should it be light and airy, just for blocking out the harsh sun?
  • Does it have extra pockets? Pockets and holders for poles and connecting with other tarps improve the versatility of the tarp.

Learn more about the accessories and uses of each tarp available at Nordisk by clicking on the tarps on this page!

Why Buy A Tarp from Nordisk?

Nordisk has over 100 years of experience with tents and all kinds of outdoor gear. We know that being caught without a tarp can be a nightmare! Select a tarp now and we will send out any orders over £50 for free. If you discover that the tarp you selected isn’t quite right for you, or won’t connect with your tent, just send it back using our easy returns and exchange service.

Scroll up now to search through our great selection of tarps and find the perfect one for your tent and hiking needs.