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Vimur Zip Adapter Large

Expand your camp in endless ways

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Expand your camp in endless ways

The Vimur Zip Adapters are used to reverse the zippers of the Midgard concept, making it possible to use Midgard extensions for the Vimur tents, adding Connectors or Annexes to the Vimur tents. It lets your creativity work without limitations and makes any imaginable combination of products in the Midgard Concept possible.
This is the Vimur Zip Adapter Large and can be used to connect the Midgard Annex Large to the rear side of your Vimur 5.6 to allow you tuck away all your bags, furniture and equipment or to create great extra sleeping quarters for two adults or a pack of young adventurers
The Vimur Zip Adapter consists of a zipper band - matching the counterparts on the Vimur 5.6 back side, the large Annex and large Connector - adding an overhanging roof that protects the zipper area from wet and stormy weather.


- Extends your Midgard & Vimur tent village in almost endless ways
- Easy to attach and to stow away when not needed
- One Vimur Zip Adapter connects the Midgard Annex Large* to a Vimur 5.6
- Two Vimur Zip Adapters with a Midgard Connector* link two Vimur 5.6 to one another
- When combined with the Annex it adds 3.3 m² of space for two adults or a whole group of kids
- When combines with the Connector and a second Vimur 5.6 the available floor space more than doubles (*sold separately)

The story behind the name

In Norse mythology, the Vimur is the largest of the Norse rivers that were formed at the beginning of the world. The Vimur river is mentioned in the tale of Thor and Geirrod. Thor needed to cross the Vimur on his way to Geirrod's abode. The force of the river threatened to sweep Thor away.



  • Length : 50 cm
  • Width : 240 cm
  • Height : 206 cm


  • Weight : 1.9 kg