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Multi-functional tarp

Voss Tech SI

Voss Tech SI is a multifunctional tarp, designed to cover all important needs on journeys into the real outdoors.

It's a tarp, it's a tent, it's a hammock. And many things more! Voss Tech SI is a lightweight, durable & multifunctional tarp, that can take over numerous functions. It can be set up as a pyramid tent with a windscreen entrance, as a hammock with or without a roof, as a simple shelter on the ground or as a regular tarp. It also can be used as an emergency stretcher & carrying bag for your gear or as a poncho. It can be whatever you want it to be.

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Nordisk multifunctional tarp Voss tech SI
Voss Tech SI tarp by Nordisk
Nordisk multifunctional tarp as mini tent

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