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Crystal Down® = Sustainable Superpowers

 Crystal Down® is not only the lightest, warmest, most breathable and most packable insulation material known to man.

it's also:

Sustainable super powers



red Y is your guarantee

The red Y is your guarantee
that the down inside is always:

  • An upcycled residual product from food production
  • Certified by internal and international standards, such as the RDS, and the IDFL
  • From birds with unrestricted access to healthy food, water, shelter and light.
  • A European production
  • From a flock with restricted and monitored density
  • Handled and transported with care

Handmade in Germany  

"The only way animal welfare and sustainability can go hand in hand with a world class sleeping experience is by owning the process !

This is why we craft every single down sleeping bag by hand in our own factory in Germany, using only upcycled and traceable European down – as we have done for 40 years!"

- Erik. J. Møller, CEO at Nordisk


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Yeti becomes Y by Nordisk

After 15 years of close family ties, Yeti now officially becomes part of Nordisk.
Take a look at our new collection of premium down filled apparel and sleeping bags, which complements our existing range perfectly. Our down products will continue to bear the iconic red Y, an established symbol of exceptional quality, animal welfare and heritage of Yeti.

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What’s your passion?

We know that all kinds of people make great use of our products every day. People for whom the feeling of exceptional quality serves very different purposes; from luxury glamping to ultralightweight expeditions.
Finding new gear should be fun, inspiring and relevant. So we made it easy for you.

Which is your Nordisk universe?


Outdoorer by Choice

Do what you love. Love what you do.
Charge yourself in the outdoors. In a park, the forest or even your own garden, Nature is the framework for glamping, Hygge® and great moments with friends and family.
So choose your companions, choose Nature and go exploring in style.


Outdoorer by Instinct

Breathe in. Breathe out. Feel the elements around you and let your senses create your memories. 
Your instinct drives you to dream and to explore. Hiking, bikepacking or paddling in search of breathtaking moments and a sense of belonging outside.



Outdoorer by Obsession

You don’t mind the pain. Your goals are extreme and your path is layed with blood, sweat and hunger. You trust your performance and need to trust your gear too, whether on expedition or racing, in the desert or on ice. Some call it mad. We call it focused. 

A pact with Nature


Nature is everything to us.

It is the inexhaustible source of inspiration and the

exhilarating framework of any great adventure.

For everything that nature gives – we pay it back.

So that YOU can explore the planet, leaving only

your footprints behind.

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