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Midgard Annex Small

Expand your glamping

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Expand your glamping

With the small Midgard Annex, you can add an extra 2.2m2 room to your Midgard – enough space to easily fit a couple of small adventurers or keeping all your bags, shoes, equipment and even furniture tucked away from your living area. This cozy and aesthetic extension fits the architecture of the Midgard perfectly and adds a remarkable room to the centerpiece of your glamping castle.
No poles are needed to pitch the Annex as it zips directly to the small entrance of the Midgard right by the A-frame and is stretched out by a few pegs in the ground.
The Annex is fully equipped with sewn-in floor, inner pockets and a closable mesh window for ventilation or a peek outside. In combination with a Vimur Zip Adapter Small, you can also connect the Midgard Annex Small to a Vimur 4.8 to create an extra room, thus expanding the possibilities of the Vimur.


- Zipper-connected extra room that enlarges both Midgard tents
- Sleeps one half of the family (one adult/one kid) or creates a perfect little hideout for your kids
- Easy to attach and to stow away when not needed
- Closable mesh-window for ventilation and for looking outside
- Two inside mesh pockets for storage of personal belongings & small gear
- Each Midgard Annex Small adds 2.2 m² floor space to your Midgard tents
- Wind- and waterproof with sewn-in floor and TC flysheet


The story behind the name

Midgard is the realm of the humans in Norse mythology. The place where people lived, gathered and socialized in the hectic world between Asgard, home of the Gods, and Jotunheim, home of the Giants.Nordisk’s Midgard Concept offers a unique and expandable tent-hub that combines and connects easily, thus fitting any family or group size and granting the luxury of a spacious and spectacular common area. A perfect tent for gathering and resting on the escape from the hectic world of modern-day.



Single wall

Download build up instructions:



  • Length : 145 cm
  • Width : 207 cm
  • Height : 134 cm


  • Total weight : 4600 g
  • Official weight : 4100 g
  • Indicates the total weight of the product and packsack, with only the accessories needed for normal use (extra packsacks, bonus packs etc. excluded.)

Pack size

  • Diameter : 17 cm
  • Length : 41 cm



  • Name : Technical cotton
  • Composition : 65% polyester, 35% cotton
  • Coating : breathable impregnation - no coating.
  • Weight : 210 g/m2
  • Hydrostatic head : 350 mm

Ground sheet

  • Name : Tarpaulin
  • Weight : 540 g/m2


Included accessories:

Guy lines: with Nordisk alu triangular slider
Pegs: Steel nail small (20 cm); 8 pieces

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