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Yeti becomes Y by Nordisk

Nordisk's Yeti product line was i 2020 rebranded as Y by Nordisk

Brand merge: Yeti becomes part of Nordisk


After 15 years of close collaboration and joint ownership, Yeti and Nordisk are now formally joining forces to become one united brand.

Nordisk is a Danish heritage brand, famous for both ultralight compact trekking gear and lavish glamping setups. The merge will allow Nordisk to add premium garments and down sleeping bags to their existing outdoor equipment range.
The iconic red Y, which has adorned Yeti products for decades, will continue to symbolize the Yeti quality and legacy on future down garments and sleeping bags, which will be filled with the same sustainable and exclusive Crystal Down from traceable European birds.

For almost 40 years, Yeti has supplied athletes and adventurers with great design, high quality and that extraordinary feeling of lightness and comfort that comes with down filling of the finest quality available. By combining the knowledge, experience and dedication from two great brands with a combined 150 years of experience, we are now ready to write the next chapter in our history. With this step, we take the leap from specialist equipment producer to becoming Denmark’s first and only full-blown outdoor brand, offering both apparel and equipment to glampers, hikers and lightweight enthusiasts alike.

We are looking forward to inspiring a new generation of quality minded outdoorers.

Introducing: Y by Nordisk