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3 Season Sleeping Bags for Chilly Adventures

Our 3 season sleeping bags are designed perfectly for the Nordic climate, offering the ideal insulation for temperatures from -6°C to 4°C and beyond. We have a great range of sleeping bag styles and sizes available. Browse our lightweight 3 season sleeping bags now and order from Nordisk today!

3 season sleeping bags are the most popular type. They’re cosy and warm yet breathable and are designed for cold night temperatures during summer, autumn and spring. Many people love how versatile they are for outdoor sleeping all year round, 

The Three Main Benefits of Buying a 3 Season Sleeping Bag

  • Offer the most versatility of all sleeping bags.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Fitted hoods increase cosiness.

The main benefit of a 3 season sleeping bag is the versatility. From cool autumn and spring nights, to mild winter nights, the 3 season sleeping bag will keep you warm. You can also unzip the sleeping bag for increased ventilation, meaning it’s suitable for warmer summer nights too.

Practical Advice and Tips On 3 Season Sleeping Bags

At Nordisk, the temperature range of each lightweight 3 season sleeping bag is outlined with comfort, limit and extreme ranges. Comfort and limit ranges give you an idea of the temperatures you can sleep happily in. Exceeding the extreme range will leave you too cold.

To increase the range and choose a 3 season sleeping bag that can cope with colder nights, look for additional insulating features, such as hoods and zipper draft tubes.

You’ll also need to select a sleeping bag shape. Mummy is fitted to your body and offers the best insulation, while Blanket is a rectangular shape. Choose a Blanket shape if you want to use your sleeping bag as a blanket to sleep on, or prefer a versatile lightweight sleeping bag that’s more suited to the warmer months.

Why Buy a Lightweight 3 Season Sleeping Bag from Nordisk?

The Nordisk range of 3 season sleeping bags is carefully selected and tested by us. With 100 years of experience with tents, sleeping bags, pillows and more outdoor gear, we know exactly what to look for to ensure the highest quality.

Spend over £50 on your sleeping bag and other outdoor gear to have your order shipped for free. With a great exchange service, there’s no reason to hesitate.

Scroll up to browse our sleeping bags now and order yours today!